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Driving Innovation: South Expedition’s new roadster debuts in Colchagua Wine Valley

30 octubre, 2017

South Expeditions announces the development of its groundbreaking vehicle, the Southmobile.


The vehicle is being broken-in with wine tours around Chile’s Colchagua Valley fall 2017. It is the world’s first two-passenger pedal- and electric-powered hybrid vehicle to ride on roads and abandoned rail tracks. A fleet of Southmobile roadsters will be ready to take travelers on guided winery to-winery culture tours in central Chile.


The more active type will enjoy southmobile’s stylish 1950s formula one look-alike. It has a leisurely cruising speed appropriate for self-drives in the chilean countryside. The car operates on clean energy. It boasts a hybrid engine that relies on human pedaling and an electric battery to advance.


The brainchild of South Expeditions, owner Juan Rodriguez says: “I invented this vehicle because I always felt there was a better way for travelers of varying fitness levels to travel in style, comfort, immersed in the environment, and using clean energy.”


Southmobile is part of a 4-day itinerary, which starts in Santiago, extends to Bodegas RE in the Casablanca Valley, follows through to Pablo Neruda’s Isla Negra house and ultimately finishes in Colchagua.


To find out more and/or contact South Expeditions please click here.


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