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Santiago Welcomes Fiexpo

7 junio, 2018

Fiexpo Kicks Off in Santiago, Chile

by Latin American Herald Tribune


SANTIAGO – Chile’s Minister of Economy inaugurated on Tuesday the XI Latin American convention and events tourism fair, known as Fiexpo, which is being attended by representatives from 17 countries.


“Tourism is a clean industry, it is an attractive industry and an enjoyable industry. Supporting tourism in Chile is a good decision, as it provides our country with many possibilities,” Jose Ramon Valente told reporters.


The event will include meetings and workshops focused on boosting tourism in the region, as well as a tasting of local products from the countries being represented.


Chile’s undersecretary of tourism, Monica Zalaquett, who also attended the inauguration, told EFE that this year’s Fiexpo has been a “complete success” as the number of traders and buyers “has increased considerably compared to last year.”


“Fiexpo represents an opportunity for Latin America as a whole to boost and professionalize business tourism,” Zalaquett said.


Jessica Canelo, Turismo Chile’s Head of Promotions added, “Promoting the MICE segment for the tourism industry is important because of the high levels of spending by MICE-related-visits. Another important reason is also the contribution deseasonalization offered by MICE industry travel patterns.”



Jessica Canelo added, “For us as Tourism Chile it is important to provide more tools to our partners. We hope to develop this niche market and support promotional activities. In the context of Fiexpo 2018, Turismo Chile/Fedetur have encouraged training in the area of incentives. We have also supported regional initiatives to promote Chilean destinations.”Among its members, Turismo Chile has four Convention Bureaus and a wide range of event organizers, DMC, hotels and convention centers (meet Turismo Chile’s members >> click here)



An important goal of this year’s Fiexpo has been to promote Latin America as a region to hold international events, a goal that has already borne fruit, as the number of invited buyers increased 25 percent compared to 2017, according to organizers.

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